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Digitus USB Type-C to DP Cable 1.8m
Dove Code: CA1087 |
Manufacturer: DB-300333-020-S


The USB Type-C™ 4K DP adapter cable allows a direct connection of TV, monitor or projector to a USB-C™ device. The adapter cable is a must-have accessory, whether you connect your Notesbook privately to a TV or professionally for presentations via an DisplayPort projector.


60 Month Warranty


  • Your USB-C equipped device must support video (DP alt mode) to work with this adapter cable.
  • Video output capability depends on the graphics card of your notebook and the connected monitor. Some screens also limit the available resolution.
  • Support up to 4K/2K with 60Hz
  • Supports digital transfer of audio signals, stereo
  • Data transfer rate up to 32,4 Gbit/s
  • Type-C™ connector can be used in both directions
  • Avoid the hassle of adapters, with a plug-and-play adapter cable which doesn't require external power


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