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Brother Stamp Creator Pro Stamps
Dove Code: BST620, BST621, BST622, BST623, BST624, BST625, BST626, BST627, BST628, BST629, BST630, BST631, BST632, BST633, BST633B, BST634, BST635, BST636, BST637, BST638 |
Manufacturer: PR2260B6P


These quality, self-inking, rubber stamps can be created from images or graphic files that are up to 600 dpi. This high resolution reproduction makes it possible to recreate images, signatures, graphics, logos, and just about anything else you can imagine, on a stamp.


12 Month Return to Base Warranty


  • Compatible with: Stamp Creator Pro
  • All Stamps come in Packs of 6


BST628 Pictured

Dove CodeStamp SizeStamp ColourManufacturers Code
BST62910 x 60mmBlackPR1060B6P
BST62710 x 60mmRedPR1060R6P
BST63312 x 12mmBlackPR1212B
BST633B12 x 12mmBlackPR1212B6P
BST62514 x 38mmBlackPR1438B6P
BST62314 x 38mmRedPR1438R6P
BST63614 x 38mmBluePR1438E6P
BST62218 x 50mmBlackPR1850B6P
BST62418 x 50mmBluePR1850E6P
BST62818 x 50mmRedPR1850R6P
BST62122 x 60mmBlackPR2260B6P
BST62622 x 60mmBluePR2260E6P
BST63422 x 60mmRedPR2260R6P
BST62027 x 70mmBlackPR2770B6P
BST63227 x 70mmRedPR2770R6P
BST63030 x 30mmBlackPR30300B6P
BST63130 x 30mmRedPR30300R6P
BST63540 x 90mmBlackPR4090B6P
BST63740 x 90mmRedPR4090R6P
BST63840 x 90mmBluePR4090E6P