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Vertiv UPS GXT5-10KIRT5UXLN On-Line UPS Rack/Tower 10000VA/10000W
Vertiv UPS GXT5-10KIRT5UXLN On-Line UPS Rack/Tower 10000VA/10000W
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Dove Code: UP4525 |
Manufacturer: GXT5-10KIRT5UXLN


The Vertiv™ Vertiv® GXT5™ UPS is an online double conversion UPS solution which offers premium power outage protection and continuous power conditioning in a compact and flexible deployment system.

The Vertiv® GXT5™ single phase UPS operates with high power efficiency and it is ideally suited to protect critical infrastructure in both centralized and edge network applications.


36 Month Return to Base Warranty


  • Unity Power Factor (PF=1.0) ensures the connection of more loads and IT equipment
  • Device can be swapped during operation without powering down connected equipment thanks to the manual bypass POD integrated in the device (removable connection box)
  • Minimum downtime of the device provided by hot-swappable battery modules which can be changed during operation
  • Vertiv™ LIFE™ Service remote diagnostic and preventive monitoring service helps to enhance uptime, as well as operational efficiency
  • Operates at full power up to 40 oC (up to 50 oC with derating)


InputOperating Frequency, Nominal60 Hz (Factory Default is 50 Hz )
Factory Default Voltage230 VAC
User Configurable Voltage200/208/220/230/240 VAC
Operating Voltage Range without Battery Operation176 to 288 VAC
(100 to 176 VAC with power derating)
Maximum Allowable Voltage288 VAC
Input Frequency without Battery Operation40 to 70 Hz
OutputAC-AC Efficiency95%
Factory Default Voltage230VAC
Frequency50 Hz or 60 Hz, Nominal
WaveformPure Sinewave
Output Power ConnectionOutput Terminal Block
Main Mode Overload>150% minimum 200 ms,
125 – 150% for 60 seconds;
105 – 125% for 5 minutes;
≤ 105% continuous
Internal BatteryCharger Current2.25 A (default),
maximum 8 A
TypeValve-regulated, non-spillable, lead acid
Quantity x V x Rating2 x 8 x 12V x 9.0 AH
Internal Battery
Backup Time
10% Load Capacity: 59 mins
20% Load Capacity: 25 mins
30% Load Capacity: 14.5 mins
40% Load Capacity: 9.5 mins
50% Load Capacity: 7.0 mins
60% Load Capacity: 5.5 mins
70% Load Capacity: 4 mins
80% Load Capacity: 3.5 mins
90% Load Capacity: 2.5 mins
100% Load Capacity: 2.0 mins
Bypass Protection LimitsUpper-limit selections+ 10%, + 15%, + 20%;
default + 10%.
Lower-limit selections- 10%, - 15%, - 20%;
default - 15%
Disable-bypass operationWhen the input frequency prevents synchronous operation
GeneralOperating Temperature, °CFull power up to 40 ºC
(up to 50 ºC with derating)
Storage Temperature, °C- 15 to + 40
Relative Humidity0 – 95% non-condensing
Operating ElevationUp to 3,000 m (9,842.5 ft) at 25°C (77°F)
without derating
Audible Noise<55 dBA, at 1 meter from the front,
<50 dBA, at 1 meter from rear or sides
SafetyIEC62040-1:2008 version, GS mark
EMI/EMC/C-Tick EMCIEC/EN/AS 62040-2 2nd Ed (Cat 2 )
ESDIEC/EN EN61000-4-2, Level 4, Criteria A
Radiated SusceptibilityIEC/EN EN61000-4-3, Level 3, Criteria A
Electrical Fast TransientIEC/EN EN61000-4-4, Level 4, Criteria A
Surge ImmunityIEC/EN EN61000-4-5, Level 4, Criteria A
TransportationISTA Procedure 1E
PODAMP Rating63A
Connections4x ICE320 C19 16A/250V Sockets,
4x C13 10A/250V Sockets
Power Input: Hard-Wired
PhysicalDimensions (mm)430 (w) x 630 (d) x 217 (h)
Unit Weight74.5kg